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Crypto News / Bitcoin - 7 months ago

These 5 millionaires are shaping the future of bitcoin

Today, Bitcoin has a number of identities. From being touted as a digital currency for “criminals” and money for “nerds”, to a power-consuming system, the most popular and world’s largest cryptocurrency has gradually entered the mainstream business and financial world. While some restaurants and l...

Mining / Mining News - 7 months ago

CoinGeek’s Public Mining Pool Opens for Bitcoin Miners

SVPool, the public mining pool for miners on the Bitcoin BCH network, announced that it has opened for business on Monday, Oct. 22. The public pool is managed by CoinGeek Mining and claims to be following the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, which helps miners in generating long-term revenue. T...

Crypto News / Bitcoin - 7 months ago

Adventures of the Bitcoin Conquistador in Siberia

Siberia is a cold and barren land where the winter lasts for nine months, it’s a land where to Russian autocrats exile the dissidents, it’s a land where human dwellings are separated by dozens of miles of tundra and the snow so deep that human scream gets muffled as soon as it leaves the mouth. It...