CEO: Top Influencers Will Get $50-100M in Revenue for Switching to EOS-based Voice

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Brendan Blumer. Photo: Wikipedia

Brendan Blumer. Photo: Wikipedia

According to Brendan Blumer, CEO of, top social media influencers will have an opportunity to get a revenue of $50–100 mln on EOS’s new social media platform Voice. It has become known from the disclosed screenshots of Blumer’s messages.

The CEO stated that those influencers with 100 mln followers who will be able to bring an audience of 50 mln people to the new platform will get quite impressive amounts in revenue. He also added that the project will be seriously concentrated on attracting powerful influencers. It will be one of the key priorities of its marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, Blumer still hasn’t officially confirmed this information.

What We Know about Voice positions Voice as a transparent social media platform where the value of content is used to sustain the community.  As Coinspeaker has already reported, the platform will run on the EOS blockchain network. It means that all the content published and recorded will be open to the public. 

Creators of content will get rewards in the VOICE tokens. It will be impossible to buy the VOICE token or to mine it. But a daily airdrop will give a chance for everyone to become VOICE owner.

The team staying behind the platform believes that the way of distributing tokens via an airdrop is the fairest distribution. Whether it really will be so, only time will show. Nevertheless, it’s already clear that now the company tries to attract content creators. And it strives to offer them real opportunities to get significant revenue. Works with a Lobbying Firm

It has been revealed that the company is now a client of international law firm Holland & Knight LLP. The firm provides with lobbying services. The lobbying issues cover the policy related to blockchain. And it is known that has contributed $30,000 for these activities.

One of the specialists who will act as a lobbyist for is Scott Mason who previously served as the director of congressional relations for Donald Trump’s administration.

In 2018, the number of lobbies dealing with the issues related to blockchain in Washington D.C. tripled. It reached a mark of 33 projects in the fourth quarter of 2018. Nevertheless, according to experts, blockchain firms still have a lot to do to get supporters in Congress.