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Crypto News / Altcoins - 1 year ago

Waltonchain Joins the Korea IoT Alliance

flag of South Korea and bitcoin coins. Source: Waltonchain, a company that combines RFID and blockchain, was yesterday listed as a member on the Korea IoT Alliance website. With around 50 IoT related companies as existing members, t...

Crypto News / Altcoins - 1 year ago

Is There an Altcoin Price Surge on the Way?

2018 has been a mixed bag for investors. After all-time highs around Christmas and the bull run in summer of 2017, prices have struggled but remained relatively solid with some growth over the past fortnight. Technical analysis and investor sentime...

Crypto News / Altcoins - 1 year ago

Free Cryptocurrencies are Coming

Bloq co-founder Matthew Roszak said that airdropping is like giving people free lottery tickets because of the potential for huge rewards. He added that there would be many airdrops this year because of their growing demand in the crypto community....