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Crypto News / Bitcoin - 7 months ago

Bitcoin: Stabilizing or Stumbling?

There’s a certain point when a cryptocurrency trader begins to wonder what and where the market is headed. Whilst watching the directions, dips, curves, one tends to try to comprehend the movement of tokens in their many numbers. Currently, it may...

Crypto News / Bitcoin - 7 months ago

Bitcoin At $100k? Here’s How It Could Happen

As everyone already knows, 2018 hasn’t been a nice year for Bitcoin. In the closing weeks of 2017, Bitcoin saw a tremendous rise, with its value skyrocketing to a cool $19,783. However, the new peak was only short-lived as the crypto’s price took...

Crypto News / Bitcoin - 7 months ago

Crypto still a hot topic among mainstream traders

It’s no secret that 2018 has been a difficult year for crypto. Bitcoin’s price has seen significant downfall, especially in the past few weeks. However, mainstream financial traders are surprisingly still very interested in crypto markets. Accor...