In this blog, we will delve into the share price targets for ITC Limited, a prominent Indian conglomerate, for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, and 2030. Additionally, we will provide an overview of ITC Limited, discuss its fundamentals, and analyze its compounded growth rate. Furthermore, we will examine the share price history of ITC Limited over the last five years to gain insights into its performance.

ITC Limited: Overview:

ITC Limited, formerly Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited, is an Indian multinational conglomerate engaged in various sectors such as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), hotels, paperboards, packaging, agri-business, and information technology. Established in 1910, ITC has become one of India’s leading companies, known for its diversified portfolio and commitment to sustainability.

Fundamentals of ITC Limited:

In assessing the potential share price targets for ITC Limited, it is crucial to analyze its fundamentals. Some key aspects to consider are:

  1. Revenue and Profitability: Evaluate the company’s growth and profitability trends. Look for consistent growth and strong financial performance.
  2. Market Position: Assess ITC’s market position in its respective sectors and evaluate its competitive advantage. Consider factors such as brand value, market share, and customer loyalty.
  3. Product Portfolio: Analyze the company’s product portfolio and ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences and market demands. Look for innovation and diversification strategies.
  4. Financial Health: Examine ITC’s financial health, including debt levels, liquidity, and cash flow. A strong balance sheet and healthy financial ratios indicate stability and growth potential.

ITC Compounded Growth Rate:

The compounded growth rate (CAGR) is a crucial metric to estimate the future performance of a company. By analyzing ITC’s historical financial data, we can calculate its CAGR and use it as a benchmark for forecasting future growth. Consider revenue, earnings, and dividends to calculate the CAGR.

Year Sales Profit RoE
TTM (Last year) 17% 26% 29%
3 Years 13% 7% 25%
5 Years 10% 12% 25%
10 Years 8% 10% 25%

Share Price History for the Last 5 Years:


Based on our study and prediction system, the lowest price we think ITC shares will reach in 2023 is between Rs 315.70 and Rs 410.20. ITC Ltd. shares will be worth as much as Rs 425.50 to Rs 455.40 by the end of the year.

Target-I: Rs. 410.20

Target-II: Rs 455.40


Our study and prediction system say that the lowest price at which ITC Ltd. shares should trade is between Rs 410.60 and Rs 515.30. In the middle of the year, the highest price that ITC Ltd. shares can hit is between Rs 495.40 and Rs 555.30.

Target-I: Rs 515.30

Target-II: Rs. 555.80


Through much study and guesswork, the lowest share price in 2025 could be between Rs 580.90 and Rs 655.10. Around the middle of 2025, there will be a trend to the upside, and the price goal for ITC Ltd. could rise from Rs 690.40 to Rs 750.50.

Target-I: 580.90

Target-II: Rs. 750.50


Our study and prediction system says that the lowest price range for shares should be between Rs 655.50 and Rs 710.80. On the other hand, by 2026, the highest price that ITC shares can hit is RS 755.20 to Rs 805.70.

Target-I: Rs 710.80

Target-II: Rs 805.80


Our study, experience, and analytical analysis suggest a minimum target price of Rs 955.60 to Rs 1050.50 in 2028. While ITC Ltd. shares’ highest target price in 2028 is Rs 1125.70 to Rs 1255.50,

Target-I: Rs 1050.70

Target-II: Rs 1255.50


In 2030, with our forecast system, the lowest target price is Rs 1355.50 to Rs 1410.30, and the highest target price is Rs 1555.50 to Rs 1685.30 for ITC Limited shares.

Target-I: Rs 1410.30

Target-II: Rs. 1685.30

Shareholding pattern

Retail & Others: 48.15%

Mutual Funds: 9.67%

Domestic Institutions: 28.34%

Foreign Institutions: 13.84%


The target price of ITC Ltd. shares posted is for general information only. We are not SEBI-registered financial advisors, and no part of the website content provided by us should be considered financial advice. Do your research and analysis, and consult your financial advisor before deciding.


Q: Is it a Good Idea to Buy ITC shares?

ITC stock is solid and pays dividends annually. At Rs 466.00, the stock is rising and could reach Rs 475.50 to Rs 505.40 by 2023. In 2025, estimate Rs 750.50 max.

Q: How Do I Buy an ITC Share?

You need a demat and trading account to acquire shares. Here are some stock brokerage websites to quickly register an account and trade.



Angel One


SBI Security

HDFC Security


Q: What is the PE ratio of ITC Stock in 2023?

As of March 2023, ITC has a PE ratio of 25.97.

Q: What will be the target price of ITC shares in 2025?

A: In 2025, Rs 750.50 is considered the right price for ITC shares.

Q: What is the market cap of ITC?

A: The market cap of ITC is the value of all its existing shares on the stock market. ITC’s market value is ₹ 474,657 as of March 2023.

Q: What is the target price for ITC Limited shares in 2030?

A: ITC Limited shares should reach Rs 1555.50 to Rs 1685.30 by 2030.

Q: Is ITC a Good Stock to Buy?

ITC Limited has a 3.0-year ROE of 25.0% and is essentially debt-free. The company has a healthy dividend payout ratio of 98.0% and should continue to do well.


In this blog, we have explored the share price targets for ITC Limited for the years 2023–2030. We have provided an overview of ITC Limited, discussed its fundamentals, analyzed the compounded growth rate, and examined its share price history over the last five years. It is important to note that share price targets are subject to various factors, including market conditions, industry trends, and company performance. Investors should conduct their research and seek professional advice before making investment decisions.