VMware Acquires Carbon Black For $2.1B And Pivotal For $2.7 Billion

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Photo: Carbon Black, Inc. / Twitter

Photo: Carbon Black, Inc. / Twitter

In recent news, VMware which is a publicly traded software company announced two very significant purchases. The software company bought Pivotal which is an American multinational software and services company and Carbon Black which is a publicly traded security company focusing on modern cloud-native workloads. Both companies together are in a valuation a little under $5 billion. 

“Building on another solid quarter, we are thrilled about announcing our intent to acquire Pivotal and Carbon Black,” commented VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger. “These acquisitions address two critical technology VMware, Inc. priorities of all businesses today – building modern, enterprise-grade applications and protecting enterprise workloads and clients. With these actions we meaningfully accelerate our subscription and SaaS offerings and expand our ability to enable our customers’ digital transformation.”

While experts point out that these two are completely different companies, they both have a clear focus on modern workloads. Pivotal can provide tools for software developers who are working on cloud services, while Carbon Black has a cloud security platform, and they are using big data and behavioral analytics in order to fight against cyberattacks.

Also, earlier this year, VMware acquired Bitnami which is a library of installers or software packages for web applications and development stacks as well as virtual appliances.

Carbon Black, which was founded in 2002, went public only recently in 2018. When the company held its IPO, it reached a valuation of $1,25 billion. Also, its stock this year traded around $13, but managed to recover to over $21. But VMware will pay $26 per share which is nearly 6% more than its stock price.

“By bringing Carbon Black into the VMware family, we are now taking a huge step forward in security and delivering an enterprise-grade platform to administer and protect workloads, applications and networks,” commented Pat Gelsinger.

However, when speaking about Pivotal, the company was already originally incubated at VMware and EMC Corporation. This acquisition will bring a new developer platform to VMware. With this platform, it will become easier to to write, test and deploy applications for developers.

“Importantly, adding Pivotal to our platform accelerates our broader Any Cloud, Any App, Any Device vision and reinforces our leadership position in modern multi-cloud IT infrastructure,” explained Gelsinger.

The company CEO expects these two additions to start making money by 2020.