Weekly Price Analysis Dec.11: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple

Will Crypto Markets Crash?

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Support around $3,800 has been broken very quickly and currently around $3,300 resistance currently around $3,630 the situation does not look good in the trending down. Traders are shorting, and the floor is yet to be seen at this stage. Traded around $3336

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Against the dollar, it is traded around $87 support around $100 has become the resistance. The price has slightly stabilized, but the downward trend continues, and the floor is not yet approved, at least technically.

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Against Bitcoin, the downward trend continues. Support arrived at 0.023 BTC, where a jump up was followed by a downhill trend. Traded around 0.025 BTC resistance around 0.028 BTC.

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Bitcoin cash


Against the dollar it is trading at around $93, these areas are currently unsupported. The graph is broken down from $120 by Fibonacci levels and the floor is further down around $60 resistance in this range in $110.

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Against Bitcoin traded around 0.028 BTC, can be said around the ATL. Resistance to this range around 0.032 BTC and seems to be looking for a floor for the coming period.

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Against the dollar it is trading around $86 in the support areas that we have marked, looks like a healthy correction. Resistance in this range in $100.

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Against Bitcoin weekly record at 0.034 BTC was flipping for a moment, but the rumors around the 51% attack on the network did their thing, and the correction came. Traded around 0.025 BTC resistance at 0.028 BTC support in this range 0.024 BTC.

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Against the dollar it is trading around $0.29 support can also be found in this range, not far from the September floor at around $0.26. Resistance in this range around $0.33.

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Against Bitcoin we went back to the analysis we had done before, and it seems that the trend and Fibonacci levels have been quite accurate. Traded around 8,859SAT support around 8,000SAT looks strong in the meantime. Resistance in 10,000SAT. It seems that since October a change in trend has started but there is still not enough trading volume.

XRP/BTC by Stompy1942 on TradingView.com

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